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Office Cleaning Brisbane


Commercial Cleaners Queensland is the leading provider of office cleaning services in Queensland.  Our talented team of professional cleaners will make your offices clean, hygienic, and a pleasure to work in.

We have been providing office cleaning services in Queensland for many years and have established ourselves as being efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. 

Our cleaning staff has worked in many types of operating environments, from small offices through to large industrial sites.  We have the skills and expertise necessary to tackle any kind of cleaning job, regardless of size or complexity.

Commercial Cleaners Queenslandonly uses eco-friendly cleaning products on all office cleaning contracts.  This ensures that there are no dangerous pollutants produced during the cleaning process and that occupants of the building are not exposed to toxic substances.


For more information on our office cleaning services in Queensland, contact us today on 1300 767 473

The Importance Of Having A Clean Office
Having a clean and hygienic office is essential for the success of your business.  Here are a few reasons why:

A dirty office can be a health issue for your staff
An office space that is not regularly cleaned will accumulate bacteria, dust mites, debris, rubbish, mould, and fungi.  These indoor pollutants can endanger the health of your employees and visitors to your offices.  If your employees become sick from the contaminants in the office, it could affect their productivity or cause them to take sick days.

Customers will judge your business based on how clean it is
If your office space is dirty, it will give customers and visitors to your office a very bad impression of your business.  At best, your business will be perceived as being unprofessional and disorganised.
Employee satisfaction is higher in a clean office
Humans are more comfortable in spaces that are clean and hygienic.  Your employees will be happier in a clean space and will achieve higher levels of productivity.  

Office Cleaning Services We Provide
Some of the office cleaning services that we provide include:

  1. Office carpet cleaning
  2. Office window cleaning
  3. Office Kitchen cleaning
  4. Office Bathroom cleaning
  5. Office dusting
  6. Office sanitisation programs
  7. Restocking of toiletries and kitchen items
  8. Office floor polishing
  9. Office garbage removal
  10. Grounds maintenance
  11. Tile and grout cleaning


Why Use Our Office Cleaning Services?
Commercial Cleaners Queensland has helped many businesses throughout Queensland.  Our cleaning services are efficient, thorough, and professional.  Here are a few other reasons for using our company’s office cleaning services:

Cleaners that are Workplace Health and Safety compliant
Our cleaners are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the industry.  They are also trained to adhere to the appropriate Workplace Health and Safety standards.  This ensures that your employees and visitors to your office are kept safe.

Affordable office cleaners
We are a large cleaning company that employs very efficient and professional staff.  The skill of our cleaners means we can offer clients very competitive rates for office cleaning.

We are reliable and honest
Our company has worked with hundreds of businesses across Queensland over the years.  During this time, we have developed a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and honesty.  When you choose Commercial Cleaners Queensland, you are choosing a reputable company that you can trust.

Our legendary Happy or it’s FREE guarantee
We will only accept payment if you are 100% satisfied with our work!

Extensive quality control checks
We take the quality of our work seriously.  That’s why we use a rigorous quality control system that ensures our office cleaning services are performed to an extremely high standard.

Professional commercial cleaning equipment
Commercial Cleaners Queensland uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to ensure that your office is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.  This includes powerful commercial vacuum cleaners and professional window cleaning systems. 

Wide range of services
In addition to our professional office cleaning services, we offer lawn mowing, garden maintenance, indoor plant hire, pest control, and sanitary bin services.  We can even resupply the consumables in your bathrooms and kitchen.

All cleaners are police checked
Our cleaning staff is police-checked and able to work in any sensitive office environment, including bank offices, hospital offices, accounting offices, and aged care facilities.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products
Commercial Cleaners Queensland only uses products that are non-toxic and safe for the environment.  Our use of these non-toxic products also helps to ensure that the office’s occupants are kept safe.


For more information on our office cleaning services in Queensland, contact us today on 1300 767 473.